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Full-Service Divorce Planning

Divorce Resolution Advisors in San Francisco, California, offers divorce financial analysis
that touch on sensitive matters like asset reallocation and spousal and dependent support. Our experience, CDFA designation, and gentle approach to divorce resolution are what set us apart from typical divorce financial analysts.

Same-Sex Couple

Divorce Financial Analysis
It is our goal to aid either one or both spouses to develop a structured portfolio designed to set up a plan for equitable division of assets. This will help us determine the support each spouse and their children should receive in order to maintain the same standard of living following the divorce. Additionally, our financial experts can explain and provide solutions concerning issues related to company equity stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs) for a fair evaluation of assets.

CDFA Service
As CDFA-certified professionals, we help you take care of the financial aspects of the divorce outside of court. This covers separation of property and other goods, as well as child support. Additionally, we can work with or without attorneys, although most of the time we collaborate with family law attorneys, mediator, and family therapists on a case-by-case basis. Note that our services extend to reviewing recommendations provided by attorneys and mediators and providing you with better options.

Contact us today in San Francisco, California, for asset protection strategies by a CDFA-designated professional.